Monday, 1 August 2011

Finally, a shooting tool that actually helps shooters

Check this .  It's a unique service now offered (finally!) in Toronto and surrounding areas.   It's a system that captures each of your shots on video, analyzes it and instantaneously provides feedback on the angle and distance of each attempt.

The result is you learn to adjust your shot as you receive the feedback.  In this case, the magic numbers are:  45 degrees (the angle of your shot) and 11 inches (from the centre of the hoop).

I tried the system out myself and here's what I found out:

I'm a very decent free throw shooter capable of hitting between 80 - 85% of my attempts.  My shot angle is 46 degrees and my distance is 10 inches...a rating of Expert 2 in the rating scale, which is equivalent to a US college player (not bad if I say so myself).

Step back to the 3-point area, I find (and I never realized it) that my shot flattens down to 42 degrees with a distance of 10 inches.  As a result, my percentage drops to less than 50 and my rating is that of a Maker 4, a decent HS player (not bad but not good either).

Here 's the interesting thing, on the 3-point line, I hit 2 of my first 12 shots (each shooting session is 25 attempts) then after some adjustment to my shooting angle, I proceed to hit 10 of the next 13.

My only wish was that this was available when I was in my 20's.  I have no doubt that this would have helped my extend my range a lot earlier on and be more effective shooting jumpers.

As I mentioned the service is available in the Toronto area.  Check it out and make an appointment.  It's just in time for basketball season.

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