Monday, 24 October 2011

Baller Elite

Baller is an elite basketball program based in Mississauga whose mission is to find young athletes and help them develop their skills in basketball.  Their program has produced some incredible players who've went on and played for various universities and colleges as well as Team Canada.

Last season, Baller contacted 9sports for their uniforms need.  Other than price and quality (which is always a pirority for any organization esepcially in this economy), Baller had an extra requirement.  A way for them to utilize the strength of their logos and designs on their uniforms.

You see, Baller has some creative and colourful logos that just doesn't translate well on embroidery or tackle twill or screen printing. 

Enter 9sports' sublipatch, which is a combination of sublimation printing (big in Europe and Asia) and tackle twill patching.  The result?  Faithfully reproduced logos right on their uniforms signifying the Elite in Baller Elite.

Using 9Ultra, this season's hottest fabric, the Baller uniforms are an adapted version of those worn by the Kansas Jayhawks.  The Baller logo is stitched on in full colour along with the numbers on the front and back.

The back of the uniforms utilize a lighter 9Wick insert for superior moisture management.

As with all our uniforms, sizing is customized to each player so whether you have a fan who is 24 inches high and cannot get out of his car seat yet or a player who is 6'7, 250 pounds and wears a 7XL, we can make that for you.

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