Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Designs are IN

The last few weeks have been very busy at 9sports as coaches make the final cuts to their teams and have started turning their attention to uniforms.  Currently, the time from order to delviery is about 6 weeks due to the heavy volume but we promise that it's worth the wait especially when you see the quality and value of the uniforms that yuo'll receive.

Below are just some of the designs that the schools and clubs have asked us to sketch out for them before they order from us.  We provide this service for free and without obligation jsut so you can have an idea of what your uniforms will look like before spending your hard-earned money.

A local Toronto basketball team, Brotherhood have won the last two championships in the league they play in.  This is their 3rd year with 9sports and their team is looking stronger than ever with the Golden State-inspired design albeit with one major difference, their uniforms proudly shocase Toronto's famous skyline.

The Wildcats are big in Hamilton. They believe in team work and solid fundamental basketball and who best to emulate than the San Antonio Spurs?

With Navy Blue, Red, and White as their school colours, it's no surprise that Heart Lake Secondary chose the extremely popular UConn design.  Using 9ultra combined with 9cool for the back insert, these uniforms provide the rare combination for durability and moisture managmeet in a lightweight package.

It may look like much on paper but this warmup design is extremely popular.  Inspired by a Stella McCartney Adidas design, the long curvy lines along the front and back proved to be a hit among the girls as most warmups available in stores are designed with more "masculine" features.  Using a combination of 9ultra and 9wick, these warmups are sure to be a hit with the members of the Heart Lake girls team.

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