Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wearing Uniforms from Helps Improve Your Team's Shooting Percentage

Do you know that ordering basketball uniforms from not only makes your team look good but will also help your players shoot better?

For years, has been providing high-quality, high-performance, and highly-customized uniforms for teams of all sports.  Our basketball uniforms, for example, are used by some of the best teams in the Greater Toronto Area.  And because we're never satisfied, we always strive to offer you more.

NOW the BIG news! has teamed up with ArcU to offer you the most unique basketball uniform deal available anywhere today.

By ordering the Team Shooting Arc Package, your team will get:

  • One set of home uniforms (jersey and shorts)
  • One set of away uniforms (jersey and shorts)
  • One warm-up top
  • One ArcU Shooting Clinic session using the NOAH shooting machine (available exclusively through ArcU) - a $25 dollar value
for the low price of $140 dollars per player!

And here are the details:

Each 9sports jersey, shorts, or shirt is fully customized.  You provide the design (real or imagined) and we'll find a way to make it for you. 

Names, numbers, and logos for the uniforms included in the package are either stitched or screen-printed.

Choose from over 15 different kinds of dri-fit woven fabric at no extra cost.

Special lightweight sublimated mesh inserts or backs (like the ones you see on the USA Olympic Basketball Team uniforms) do cost extra so please make sure to ask for more details.

And if that's not enough, for a limited time we'll even throw in last names for free.

The ArcU shooting clinic includes:

  • Understand why shooting with the correct arc is almost as impotant as shooting straight
  • Find out every player's current arc with the ArcU mini-diagnostic shot assessments
  • Learn about every player's optimal shot angle and depth
  • Experience shooting with Noah Voice Feedback and give your players a feel for their optimal arc
To take advantage of this opportunity, please send an email to

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