Sunday, 26 January 2014

We Got Socks!

Five years ago, we brought high-quality fully customized sport uniforms to Toronto.  We've had the best players and best teams in Toronto wear our jerseys.

Get ready for the next evolution of customization.  Sure, Nike Elite socks are great.  You can get them in your colours and...well...that's about it.  What if you can get socks to match your unis exactly?  Do you have a team logo?  We can print that on your socks.  Unique camo pattern on your jerseys?  We can put that on your socks too.  How about your number?  your name?  your nickname?  Yes, yes, and yes.

At 9sports, we have you covered from head to toe.  Check out our socks now.  $25 per pair for high cuts and 20 for mid cuts.

Here are a few samples of what we've done so far.

from the sketchbook... reality

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